Thamonwat Clinic is a cosmetic dermatology & laser clinic operated by doctor Thamonwat Thongsriket , MD . She graduated medicine from faculty of medicine , Ramathibodi hospital , Mahidol university and graduated Diploma in Clinical Dermatology with honors from Cardiff university , U.K. . She has 15 years experience in beauty industry. Our staff are also very skillful. The clinic is ready to provide beauty care , treatment for acne and melasma / freckles , treatment for hair loss and acne scars, Botox , filler , lasers.

Give advice

Our expert and long experienced doctor is here to give consultations service for every customers.

Standard quality

Our clinic has selected the best drug and equipments that is qualified by Thai FDA to use in the clinic .

Take good care of every customers

Our expert physician and staff are taking care of our customers closely . We follow up and give advices to our customers. We are therefore entrusted.

Cover all services

We provide services from general practice, acne treatment, melasma and freckle treatment, acne scar treatment and lasers, including Ipl, hifu , fractional co2, q switch laser, cryolipolysis ( fat freezing treatment )

About Dr. Gam

• Thamonwat Medical Clinic Beauty care clinic by Dr. Thamonwat Thongsriket or Dr. Gam
• Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital
• Study at Diploma of Dermatology at cardiff, UK
• Have 12 years working experience


The location of the clinic

Thamonwat Clinic Located at the Commercial Building, Muang Thong Village, Phase 3, Nakhon Si Thammarat


Working days

Monday-Saturday 11.00 - 19.00
Closed on Sundays


Collection of frequently asked questions from us.

Question: What is Botox different from filler?

A: Botox or botulinum toxin is a toxin from the bacterium Chloridium Botulinum, used in small doses in the cosmetic field. To inhibit the work of muscles Only the injection point No harm to the body as a whole, such as reducing crow's feet, frown marks and wrinkles around the forehead, etc., and can also prevent deep wrinkles in the future. Unlike filler, which is a complement To be used to add deep grooves such as cheek grooves, under the eyes, temples, and parts such as chin

Question: Can acne holes be treated?

Answer: Acne holes can be treated by doing subcision or cutting the acne hole plan. With laser, such as fractional co2, fractional RF, fine scan etc. For the clinic, choose fractional co2 because the treatment of acne holes is highly effective, with obvious results and less infection. Due to low bleeding during treatment Also helps to reduce wrinkles as well After fractional co2 treatment, water should be avoided for at least 6 hours -24 hours. Will see the face as a laser table for 2-3 days and then the flakes will peel off

Question: Can ipl cure acne?

Answer: Ipl can cure acne by killing acne. And reduce acne inflammation, reduce redness, black marks from acne and stimulate collagen under the skin Make the skin more white as well.

Meet and talk with the doctor


Dr. Thamonwat Thongsriket


Feedback from customers who use the service

I am a regular customer here. Get face shape adjustment service And now I'm very satisfied Thank you very much to the doctor.


Impressed with the service of this place very much. The doctor closely monitors and follows up. Until we are confident and trusting to take care of us


I like it here, very friendly. Do not pressure at all when receiving services Makes us comfortable in plastic surgery And importantly, the price of this place is not expensive too

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โพสต์โดย ธมลวัฒก์คลินิก คลินิกความงาม นครศรีธรรมราช เมื่อ วันศุกร์ที่ 30 พฤศจิกายน 2018


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